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I signed up for Livejournal in 2001- or as I prefer to think of it, before 9/11. Pause for dramatic effect. I happen to know that off the top of my head largely because I remember writing about 9/11 in said Livejournal. I wrote about how we wouldn't be defeated and how I wasn't going to give up or, how I was going to wear red in a Lord Nelson display of not letting them see you bleed. I was, for the most part anyway, an idiot.

But I digress.

I got on Livejournal because among my social group the most common exchange was "Hey did you see what {USER NAME} posted?" "Oh yeah, that was really cool." or whatever the reaction to the thing USER NAME posted. It didn't help that I largely hung out with computer people, and liberal arts major who wanted to be a playwright- or was it a novelist? Short story writer? I don't know. Some kind of writer.

-Which of course made me having a journal make even more sense. So I'd write. Not often enough. But I'd write. I blogged about the end of the world, and I wrote about all things happening- or at least things I wanted shared. I wrote when I had something to say, or maybe even more accurately, I'd write when I KNEW I had something to say and I knew that thing was. I joined communities and groups. I met my that girl I almost married on Livejournal. I met any number of people through the guy with parties who I met on Livejournal. I kept track of who was going to karaoke at the Office, and I took notes on things. The first AnachroCon notes were on there. Right up till that point where every other post began "Wow I should really write more."

I'm 42 now. Married. No kids yet, but that's a topic for not here or now. In many ways, I'm a far cry from that twenty-something who would hang out at Waffle House or Innovox Coffee house till 3am. Livejournal rants were slowly replaced with easily digested status updates. Granted I could rant on Facebook, and I suppose sometimes I do. But it's not the same, and I don't quite feel the need.

I haven't signed in to LiveJournal this calendar year. The company was sold by Brad years ago. (Brad was the founder of LiveJournal. He was like Tom from MySpace, but somehow less creepy.) I don't recall all the details. It's owned by a Russian company. The new TOS are bad. I ported the old journal here a few months ago. Everything from 2003 onward seems to be here. I guess I can live without those other two years. The connections, the community.. they were gone or mostly gone before. Maybe people will find me. Maybe they won't.

Oh.. and the "memories" are gone. That I can live with.


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